January, 2016

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When Things Don’t Go as Planned – public speaking

Public Speaking One of the greatest fears we face when speak in front of a crowd is also one of it’s greatest rewards. Public speaking is a totally live event. And that means that anything can happen and just about anything could happen in the middle…

Predictions 2016: Apple, Tesla, Google, Medium, Adtech, Microsoft, IoT, and Business on a Mission

Twelve years of making predictions doesn’t make writing them any easier, regardless of my relatively good showing in 2015 . In fact, I briefly considered taking the year off – who am I to make predictions anyway? And so much has changed in the past few…

12 Tips on Raising Capital for Your Startup

12 Tips on Raising Capital for Your Startup As you probably know by now, raising capital is no easy task. Despite this, there are a range of things you can do to give yourself the best possible chance. Here are our 12 tips. Decide on the size of your businessRead More

Bring Back the Ozone Hole

Bring Back the Ozone Hole Way back in 1985 an unlikely coalition of world governments, business, and enlightened citizens did something extraordinary: Responding to the findings of leading scientists, they united in decisive action to address a looming and existential global climate threat. That threat was a dangerous thinning ofRead More

Predictions 2015: How’d I Do?

Predictions 2015: How’d I Do? Each January for the past¬†13 years, I’ve been making predictions on this site. Twelve months later, I pull back and review how those predictions have fared. I’ve already got a running list of predictions for 2016, but in this post, I want to handicap howRead More