January, 2016

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It’s Time We Start Calling ‘Civil Asset Forfeiture’ What it Really Is – ‘Armed Robbery by Police’

Three years ago a couple was stopped by an armed gang and robbed of over $100,000. The facts are not in dispute. The perpetrators are known. And yet the criminals have not been punished, and the property has not been recovered. Why? Because the perpetrators…

“Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs!”

After watching the world stage for over 30 years, never have I seen more signs of the second coming of Jesus Christ as I am seeing now! The greatest of all the harbingers of prophetic signs is Russia’s advancement into the middle east, especially Syria….

4 Types of Bicycle Drills to Help Your Bicycle Performance in Triathlons

Bicycling Drills One of my biggest weakness in triathlon is on the bicycle. I have found that there are four types of bicycle drills that I can use that will help me in my bicycle performance. These drills are intended to help you with a few factors…

3 Aspects to Success in Triathlon

As my 2016 goals have been set and my races have been selected, the real strategy of achieving great results this year comes into focus. There are 3 aspects to success in triathlon that are needed to be mastered by any aspiring triathlete. These aspects…

Deer in the Headlights – public speaking

Public Speaking People who make their living researching what frightens people the most have made a pretty amazing discovery. Consistently when people list the top five things they are afraid of in life, they have are some pretty intimidating terrors….