Number Of Backlinks In A Day For Safe and Good SEO

Number Of Backlinks In A Day For Safe and Good SEO

The most frequently asked question, nowadays is how many backlinks one should create for a website. It’s a very popular and widely discussed topic around the world. The amount of backlinks you require depends on your goals you want to achieve. However, no hard and fast rule is there for building the number of links in a day. But there are various techniques that will give you the idea for link building to boost your website ranking in the search engine.

There is no general amount of backlinks to target as it varies from business to business. Setting up the target for building backlinks is not a good idea rather you should build links steadily and on a consistent basis. It should be like an ongoing process without any deadline in place or target in mind. You shouldn’t stop building links even after reaching at the top of Google. You are giving a chance to your competitors as soon as you stop building links for your website. So it’s difficult to provide an exact answer on how many backlinks you need as there are different variables that can affect the ranking. These are:


Level of Competition
The best way to know how many backlinks you need to rank well for a particular keyword is how many backlinks for that keyword your each competitor have.

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This will be only a rough estimation but if you get the same number of quality backlinks as the average number for a particular keyword on a site ranking well have then its very decent to anticipate that your site will also rank well.
Quality of Backlinks

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Believe in quality not quantity. Yes, you heard it right. You should highly focus on building quality backlinks with compare to the quantity of backlinks. You have to balance right between the number of backlinks and the quality of backlinks. As google secretly rolling out new updates, you should give attention to the quality and not quantity. One high quality backlink is a lot better than 50+ low quality backlinks. Hence, it’s not the game of numbers. Site having more number of backlinks doesn’t mean that it will rank higher. There should be a balance between the number of backlinks and the quality of backlinks you are building. You should follow the following criteria for each backlink that:

  • Always go for a relevant source
  • Looks for a trusted source
  • Go for a site that sends traffic
  • Is not Reciprocal
  • On a page with Page Rank
  • Is in-content

SMO Backlinks
On-Site Optimization

If your website is well optimized, you will require less backlinks than your poorly optimized website. Actually, the poorly optimized website dilute and waste the trust, relevance and authority that backlinks provide. There are various steps that you can take to optimize the website properly, but the important ones that have a direct effect on decreasing the number of backlinks are:

  • You should place the important pages only one or two clicks away from the homepage.
  • Make sure, all the pages are placed not more than 5 clicks away from the homepage.
  • Check for broken links and fix them.
  • Adding the hyperlinks to the content of important pages.
  • Deleting useless outbound links.
  • Deleting pages that have little useful content.

The number of backlinks you need also depends on what you want to achieve. If you are targeting keywords, visitor numbers and ranking then you will need to build more backlinks as per the requirements. You can increase the ranking of your website with just a few backlinks, but that would be possible if you have low competition keywords and search volume which means there will be very few visitors on your site.