How to Make $500+ per Week on Upwork

How to Make $500+ per Week on Upwork

And the same way, I also started the work by using one of the latest website that is Upwork. Earlier, it was known as odesk. First, I thought that it’s very simple to earn more than $5 per an hour but with experience I learned that it is not the way i was thinking. I got my first project at $2 per an hour. I have mentioned a screenshot to prove my loyalty.


Although you are as much as capable to do work with Upwork or you may also have the ability to use these freelancer websites to start your career and you can get project in a sequence for continual flow of work to run your business in proper manner.

At the beginning, I was getting projects for only $2 but after a few weeks, with the advancement in my skills, i was able to generate $100- $200 per week. This was not enough for me to run my expenses, but these are sufficient for living a normal life.

Here I will provide you the useful and vital information about how one can start working with Upwork and how can you achieve a point where you can start earning more than $500. I ll also help you with the information to improve your technical skills.

After reading this there might be a question in your mind that Why You should go for Upwork? Or why Upwork is better for you?

    1. To get work on Upwork that matches your skills you don’t need to go to a particular location. You can do work by sitting at your home.
    2. The person who is posting his job on Upwork will definitely hire you after checking your skills immediately. You don’t need to worry about your time wasting on marketing and networking. You can interact with your clients through Skype and Hangout etc and you can discuss about your payments cutdown and project directly.

There is no risk at this platform. At Upwork, you can improve your skills by building various portfolios and by working on various projects to earn more and more money. You just need to keep rating and feedback of your clients in your mind so that you can maintain your profile.

Upwork is Beneficial for whom:

  • Freelancers who are excited to start their career and struggling to get their first few clients.
  • Freelancers who are worried for negotiations.
  • Freelancers who want to work individually.
  • Who are not working yet?

Step 1) Preparation:

Always be alert to keep your profile 100% rated and try to do all the things that Upwork is asking such as give regular tests etc.


Getting started on Upwork is not a small deal. You need to spend your 2-5 hours in front of your device to get your profile ready for the continual flow of work in its exchange. So,that you can meet your goal at Upwork.

To start with Upwork, the first step is to create your profile and that should be top rated and try to fill point to point information for what Upwork is demanding. Give regular test on Upwork that will enhance rating of your profile.

Once your profile is complete you will begin to make your career with the help of your technical skills.

How to Maintain your Profile:

To get a particular position of your profile on Upwork you need to set particular techniques using which you can fulfill freelancer’s demands. You can use WordPress, Joomla and Drupal instead of web designing, development and SMO instead of social profile creations. Be specific towards your skills and goal.

Become Expert at your end:

Sometimes, you are not able to satisfy your clients because of the lack of knowledge. So, for that you need to improve yourself.For this i will highly give preference to lynda.com. Here you can find videos, comments of viewers about particular problem. You can improve yourself by surfing this website or you should go for online help to improve yourself.

Fixing your price per hour:

You should set your budget as per your qualifications. This is because, you will get paid depending on your skills you have. If you are highly skilled and perfect in a specific field, you can set your reasonable budget with an average of $5 to $6 per an hour. Remember that, your budget you should not be that much high that it makes your clients unaffordable.

fix price
Clear Upwork Test:

This is a difficult part of Upwork but it is necessary to maintain your profile top rated. It may take 20 minutes or more to give the test but if you clear it then it will give you 20 more applications which will increase the chances of getting work.

Upwork Test

Step 2) Getting Projects on Upwork

After completing your profile, now you are ready to get work. In beginning you need to go for search box and make searches regarding your skills. You will get the list of posts that are relating to your skills. Among all of them you can submit your applications for the post which is most appropriate to your skills. You should go for fixed price project almost for $100-$250. You can get projects at high rates once your profile become top rated that can be possible with the help of client’s feedback about your work performance. You can submit 30 applications (per months) in 60 connects.

1 Application=2 Connects
After one month it will be again renew. After getting your profile top rated you can raise your rates according to your skills.
To show your profile attractive you can attach portfolio of your work that you have done before for other clients. Make sure them that you are good communicator. You can easily describe yourself in front of them and you can easily understand their points and requirements.
You can work on Upwork in two ways:

Hourly Projects: When you get an hourly project then you can demand hourly rate from clients like $5 per an hour. You should commit with client to complete your job under given deadline. Means you need to complete the work within the given time frame and according to client’s requirement. To get hourly work you need to install the Upwork tracking application. This application will run as an Upwork meter. It will capture all screenshot after every 10 minutes of your work that you are doing on projects.

Fixed Project: As the name suggest the price and working timing constraints are pre-defined between you and client with mutual agreements. You should complete the projects within the time and at given price according to client’s requirements. You will get your money after every month until the project gets completed.


Step 3) How to apply for a project and how we can win it:

When you are applying for a job, firstly you need to check for the competition. How many applicants had already applied for the job? If you are seeing it’s more than 30 then the chances to get project reduces, because, most of the freelancers don’t read the application of all applicants.
Tips to write Cover Letter:

  • The cover letter should be describing your technical skills. The particular category in which you are expert.
  • It should contain the step by step process according to which you will be performing the tasks.
  • It should relate with the job description.
  • It should contain answers of the questions that are mentioned in job description by the clients.
  • In your cover letter you should write about your exceptional skills like:
    • You are good in English.
    • You are good communicator.
    • You can easily understand other’s point of view and can easily represent yourself in front of others.
  • The cover letter should contain information about your previous work that you have done before.
  • It should contain link to your portfolio.
  • Always write the word for what client is asking in job description. Because it shows that you have read the complete job description.

“An impressive cover letter can increases the chances to win the job. So, try to make your cover letter impressive.”
Here is an example of my cover letter.
Communicating With Clients Using Upwork Message Box:
communication with clients

Step4) Niching your Upwork profile

Once you have started the work on Upwork and you have reports of 4-5 projects on which you have worked in your hand. Then you can easily raise your rates, because, client will definitely select your cover letter among all other applicants. Because, According to him a person having high rates will definitely have better skills than others and you will definitely make him satisfy better than others. To raise the rate you should have top rated profile, excellent feedbacks and reviews from the clients.
When I raised my rates, at the beginning i was getting less projects but after that i got better clients and better projects.

How Upwork Is Better for Continual Work:

At the end i want to share with you that in the beginning, when i started work on Upwork, i earned $300 per month, after 6 months its &500+ per month and now i am earning $3000+ per month.
It is good example to show you that how Upwork is better for continual work. I recommend you all to start work with Upwork to achieve the highest point of your life where you want to go.
Here you can see my earning Statement Period Jan 1, 2015 to Oct 24, 2015
earning statement