Reasons It is OK to Say Goodbye to Summer

11 Reasons It is OK to Say Goodbye to Summer

Despite not having the warmest or longest summer this year, it is not all doom and gloom as the days get shorter and chiller. Here we highlight some of the reasons to look forward to the colder months.

1.Colourful shades of autumn
Yes spring flowers are pretty and summer skies brighten our moods but the changing leaves of autumn can be equally stunning. Get outside and kick those leaves about and enjoy the fall displays.

2. Fabulous food
From traditional roasts and old fashion comfort food to spicy curries and decadent rich desserts, these heavier foods come into their own in the winter months. Indulge your senses with these fabulous flavours.

3.It doesn’t matter if you put on a bit of weight
The great thing about being more covered up in winter is that no one is going to particularly notice if you have put on a few extra pounds. That way you can enjoy all the lovely comfort food that winter has to offer without worrying about people seeing you on the beach any time soon.

4. Hot chocolate and mulled wine
When the weather outside if frightful, warm your insides and your hands with a nice warm hot chocolate, mocha or mulled wine. Better still is having one with your best friend and nattering away for hours.

5. Christmas is on its way
It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas – yes a little early but the major stores have already opened their Christmas departments. As we get closer to December 25th, twinkly lights go up, we get to indulge in seasonal dinner parties with friends, we drag home trees and decorate them to make our houses look prettier and almost everyone is happy – what’s not to love?

6. An excuse not to have to do the garden
After months of having to mow the lawns,  rake, weed the flower beds and trim the hedges we can now get our weekends back as the plants go into hibernation (or, let’s be honest here, at least save on the gardeners bills!)

7. Snuggling up in front of a fire
There is nothing nicer than cuddling up on the sofa in front of a roaring fire with your nearest and dearest. Even if you haven’t got someone special (or a pet) having the sofa, your favourite movie and, dare I say it, a slanket (when are they going to do one in cashmere?) can be fabulously cozy when it’s tipping down with rain outside.

8. Snow
There is something magical about snow that takes us back in time and  makes us feel like a kid again. It makes the whole world look pretty, you can have snowball fights, toboggan and build snowman – until it turns into slush and black ice that is!

9. Gorgeous winter fashions
A new season of course means a new wardrobe – from luscious leather boots and biker jackets to cashmere jumpers and military coats, we don’t need much of an excuse to hit the shops.

10. Ski trips
Ibiza’s closing parties are done, the warm weather is disappearing even from the southern most parts of the Mediterranean and unless you have a post-Christmas Caribbean jaunt planned it is time to think of the Ski resorts. Weather you prefer the European resorts in France, Italy and Switzerland or the North American resorts such as Utah, Colorado and Whistler in Canada, it is time to organise some piste and après  ski  action.

11. Cosy pubs
It might be sad that it is too cold and wet to enjoy a pub garden now but British pubs know how to do cosy well. From local London bars to a quaint country tavern there is no better way to spend your weekends than lunch with friends or reading the weekend papers in a pub.

So with all these wonderful reason, let’s hope you are no longer sad to say goodbye to the sun and temperatures over 20 degrees Celsius!