Top 7 Worst Lead Generation and Lead Nurturing Tactics

The Creepy-Stalker Guy Lead Generation Tactics You Should Avoid

Top 7 Worst Lead Generation and Lead Nurturing Tactics: Part 1

“It’s not me. It’s you.”

So, you think you’re doing everything right. You have the streamlined company website, the vibrant Facebook timeline page for brands complete with snazzy custom apps. You opened shop on Google+ and Pinterest. You’re blogging, you’re pinning, you’re e-mailing, you’re tweeting…you are one smooth operator. But are your leads dumping you anyway?! What gives? Could it be that your lead-courting etiquette (or lack thereof) has turned your brand into – gasp! – one of the Top 7 Undesirables of the internet marketing scene?

Worse than the piece of broccoli lodged between your front teeth when you go in for that first kiss, your lack of lead-generation and lead-nurturing etiquette may be turning your leads from warm to frigid faster than you can say “Like Us!”. Over the coming series of posts, we will be tackling the top 7 undesirable personas in lead “dating” to help you identify the behaviors that could be scaring your leads away (into some other brand’s arms).

Don’t be the Creepy-Stalker-GuyEmail Marketing for Small Business

You are convinced that if they only knew about you, the world would fall at your feet begging for more of your brand’s brilliance to illuminate their miserable lives. So, how do you decide to get the word out? Commence blitzkrieg! “BUY ME!” “LIKE ME!” “VISIT ME!” “FOLLOW ME!” “+1 ME!” – to any e-mail address you can get your hands on! After all, you’re really doing them the favor by introducing them to you. Right? Think again. If this sounds at all like a tactic your brand uses to “attract” new business or convert leads into sales, you are the creepy-stalker-guy brand your leads can’t get away from fast enough. Take note.

No longer a label reserved for the XXX purveyors or e-mail scammer crowd…

Just like no one wants to be relentlessly hounded by an overzealous lusty stranger convinced that they are the best thing that has yet to happen to you, no one wants to be bombarded with e-mails they haven’t asked for by a brand trying to make a hard sale. Moreover, they especially don’t like being tricked into this situation when some unrelated action of theirs lands them on your email blast list. Can we say “OMG…eww!”? How about “creepy”? Yes, this is creepy behavior and no, it is not winning you any new admirers. These antics might have won you a few one-night stands in the past, but no more. Instead, more than likely, word is getting out about your creepy-stalker-guy tactics and turning untapped opportunities against you before you ever blink in their direction.

Beware the blacklist

In today’s information-overload world, consumers’ time is scarcer than ever, and as a result, they have become increasingly less tolerant of unsolicited “junk”. These days you are much more likely to find your unwanted amorous advances squelched with the b*tch-slap of the spam flag (especially if you don’t make it easy for your leads to “opt-out” from further communications – we’ll hit this more in-depth in a subsequent post) than politely ignored with the trash button. What does that mean to your e-mail marketing campaign? Not only does it mean your messages will no longer have a shot of getting through to that specific user, but, as the number of users identifying your communications as spam rises, your brand’s domain may very well end up on a blacklist to automatically be flagged by the spam filters of all of your future prospects.  Friends – don’t let this happen to you.

Politeness counts: ask for permission and you just might get itEmail Marketing for Small Business

Permission-based earned marketing, also referred to as “inbound marketing”, is now the name of the game. That means (in part) you don’t e-mail your leads unless they give the okay first. And, contrary to what you might have thought, there are plenty of ways to gently encourage your leads to voluntarily opt-in without resorting to creepy-stalker-guy techniques. Moreover, these methods are much more effective at generating the types of leads you actually want – the kind of leads that convert not just once, but keep coming back for more. Apply some common courtesy and good dating etiquette, and you’ll be well on your way to transforming your brand from one of the top 7 undesirables to one of the most preferred brands on the block.